• High School Senior Video

    About three weeks ago, I was camping with my daughter and we were talking about her college application process. Naturally this had me thinking about my high school experience, and I lamented at the (I thought) lost to… Read More

  • Expanding on a Quote

    Recently, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation posted a new resource, at coursewarechallenge.org with findings from their last round of NGCC grant funding. Acrobatiq was part of that round, and I uncovered a quote from myself within the… Read More

  • Learning engineering … yeah, it’s still here

    I was happy to speak with Mark Lieberman from Inside Higher Ed a couple of weeks ago about the current state (more or less) of learning engineering in the professional world.  The final product of his work is… Read More

  • Wow – Look what my friend made for me

      Sometimes you get a gift.  Sometimes you get a hand-made gift.  Sometimes you turn 40… Sometimes… well anyway, look at this amazing gift I received from my friend Eric.  Is it… a checkers game? Yes.  Is it… Read More

  • Of course you need vinyl suggestions….

    I need to create a #nobodyasked tag. Then tag all my posts with it. But in this case someone almost asked by posing the question in Facebook “what was the first record I listened to on my new… Read More

  • Sometimes a collector, sometimes not

    I started an interesting thread today, without intending to, on a Facebook group. Basically, I was excited to arrive home from work to see this! : See, my first “real” computer growing up was an Apple IIgs. I… Read More

  • The Wind of Heaven

    via http://www.moodyblues.info/ : Full honesty up front.  I was at the web premiere of The Wind of Heaven as a video.  I wasn’t very moved at first viewing.  It could have been the interview around it, who knows.  I watched… Read More

  • Bringing Back Ted Knight

    When I was a freshman in college (so, 1996), I learned to build some websites.  They were all vanity projects – that’s all you do when you’re in college!  But the one that got a little attention was… Read More

  • Fortunate Lighting

    Early June, I get this best moment of lighting in the evening before sunset.  The window through which the light is coming is at the other end of the house.  And just as it finds its away Over… Read More

  • My Friend, The Pedagogy Cat

    Presented without comment: www.pedagogycat.com

  • Class discussion on Learning Analytics

    I was recently invited to have a conversation with some students at Northeastern who are taking a course on Competencies, Assessment and Learning Analytics. They’ve posted the conversation online (below). As always, about 10 minutes later I was… Read More

  • Disentangling Pedagogy from Epistemology

    By Bill Jerome and Dr. Benny Johnson Cross-posted from the original location at acrobatiq.com Because Pedagogy Dating back to my time at the Open Learning Initiative, I had sat in some meetings and felt the percussive impact of… Read More

  • I hate the word blog

    Ok, it really doesn’t matter anymore, but for a first quick blog post here on this site I thought I’d mention that I really hate the word “blog”. Probably not hate, but certainly dislike. I remember reading an… Read More

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